Mom’s Secret Lover

Mom’s Secret Lover is a standalone steamy lesbian romance about a mother and daughter journey for self-discovery.

About the Book

Becca Davis never had a relationship with a woman until she met Lia Greene.
Becca’s troubled nineteen-year-old daughter, Rachel, doesn’t know about her mother’s new passion. She has secrets of her own. One of them is Sarah Walters, an aspiring young poet who helps Rachel take her first steps into the Spoken Word world.
When Lia pressures Becca to come out in front of Rachel, their love story quickly unravels. Becca’s afraid that telling the truth might force her to choose between the love of her life and her only child. Caught in an impossible catch-22 situation, Becca must navigate wisely because one bad move will haunt her for the rest of her life…

About Beth Loure

Beth likes to stay off the beaten tracks. She prefers the road less taken and doesn’t follow trends.
Her stories are original and different as well as super sexy. You can expect high-paced plots, authentic characters, and explicit over-the-top sex scenes.
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